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A mission to provide world-class pizza to Edmontonians

made in edmonton

Once was a time when mom & pop pizzerias reigned supreme, frequented for the skill of their craft.

Those bygone days that showcased the artistry of pizzaiolo have since been replaced with cheap ingredients, simple processes from central distribution centres, and low skilled labour trained to value quantity over quality.

In the current world of cheap watered-down pizza, Pizza Garage does things differently.

We are not fast food. Each pizza is a living breathing piece of art made with only the best ingredients and a certified, multiple award-winning pizzaiolo master certified in the styles of Detroit style, Roman Al Taglio, Pinsa, and Classic Italian pizza.

Top off your visit with us by enjoying our refreshing gelato options. Estela is a certified gelatier and represents a new generation of gelato makers, studying with the best Italian gelato maestros from the Carpiginai Gelato University.

Nothing is taken for granted here and shortcuts aren’t in our vocabulary. We care about everything, including the time it takes to provide you with the best quality we can offer.

Come for a visit. Stay for the experience.

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